mobile: General Equity

Practice Areas: General Equity

  • Guardianships for Incapacitated Persons
  • Real Estate Quiet Title Actions
  • Real Estate Specific Performance Actions
  • Declarations of Death
  • Private Adoption and Adult Adoption
  • Change of Name
  • Related Areas: Estate Litigation and General Civil Litigation

New Jersey maintains the historical distinction between “law” and “equity,” and that distinction is reflected in the separate Law Division and Chancery Division in its court system. In broadest terms, matters of law concern money, such as breach of contract or personal injury, and matters of equity concern some relief other than money, such as the appointment of a guardian for an incapacitated person or the determination of rights to certain real estate.

The attorneys and paralegals of the firm are experienced in all manner general equity litigation, including matters in the Chancery Division and matters, such as actions for name change, which are equitable in nature but not brought in the Chancery Division.

While some general equity actions are similar in temperment to general civil litigation, many of these actions are non-adversarial and are necessitated by circumstances rather than by dispute between litigants.

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