Practice Areas

  • Elder Law

    Elder Law bridges across practice areas, with the unifying objective of helping people and their families as they grow older. There is no discreet elder law – indeed, there is no legal definition of what ‘elder’ means – but instead it is a multifaceted practice tuned to individual and families with common needs. Estate planning […]

    Elder Law
  • Civil Litigation

    In the courtroom, the skill and experience of the trial lawyers can make the difference in the outcome of the case.  The right trial attorney is sometimes not just a factor in winning the case.  When it matters most, the right trial lawyer is sometimes the factor between winning and losing. The best trial lawyers know this […]

    Civil Litigation
  • Business Law

    Backes & Backes advises entities and entrepreneurs in every stage of business. Our attorneys have substantial experience in corporate and business law, including work at large law firms in the complex transactional corporate law. The firm’s business law practice includes forming companies, drafting governing documents such as LLC operating agreements or corporate by-laws, and negotiating […]

    Business Law
  • Estate Litigation

    Contested wills and estate lawsuits can be among the most fiercely-fought areas of civil litigation. The events that lead to these suits often require vigorous action to protect the assets of the deceased and to insure that a loved-one’s wishes are carried out. The law in estate litigation can be complex.  These lawsuits are litigated […]

    Estate Litigation
  • Real Estate Law

    Backes & Backes has an active residential and commercial transactional real estate practice, ranging from complex commercial transactions to the largest transactions most people will ever engage in – the purchase or sale of their own home. Diligent, experienced counsel can protect against potential problems while helping insure that the sale goes forward as speedily […]

    Real Estate Law
  • Estate Administration

    When a person is named in a Will to serve as a personal representative or executor, or when a loved one dies with no Will, the personal representative may retain a probate lawyer to assist in the estate administration. In probate and estate administration, Backes & Backes relies on a team of experienced probate lawyers, […]

    Estate Administration
  • Estate Planning

    Backes & Backes meets the estate planning needs of our clients by coupling modern estate planning techniques with the traditional, client-focused atmosphere of small law firm.  At Backes & Backes, NJ and PA estate planning is at the heart of much of our work. Most decedents in New Jersey pass with no Will at all, […]

    Estate Planning