Estate Litigation

  • Contested Wills
  • Undue Influence
  • Breach of Duty by Executor or other Fiduciary
  • Probate of Lost Wills
  • Related Areas: Civil Litigation

Contested wills and estate lawsuits can be among the most fiercely-fought areas of civil litigation. The events that lead to these suits often require vigorous action to protect the assets of the deceased and to insure that a loved-one’s wishes are carried out. The law in estate litigation can be complex. ┬áThese lawsuits are litigated in a separate court, with unique rules of practice that are typically only understood by a seasoned lawyer in this field.

While some estate litigation is hard-found in the extreme, many estate matters in New Jersey must go before the court even where there is no dispute among the parties involved. For example, if an original Will cannot be located but a photocopy is found, the court must approve the probate of the copy even if all heirs are in agreement.

Because of nature of its practice, Backes & Backes is involved in more estate matters than any other area of litigation. The firm represents both estates and heirs in all manner of probate and estate litigation in NJ and PA.

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