Estate Administration

When a person is named in a Will to serve as a personal representative or executor, or when a loved one dies with no Will, the personal representative may retain a probate lawyer to assist in the estate administration.

In probate and estate administration, Backes & Backes relies on a team of experienced probate lawyers, paralegals, and outside fiduciary accountants. The firm’s probate attorneys work with executors and administrators to facilitate smooth, speedy, and responsible administration in NJ and PA.

While first seeking to insure that the decedent’s wishes are met, a diligent probate lawyer will considers tax strategies to maximize the preservation of assets.

NJ probate and estate administration is often far more complex than an executor or administrator may realize.  PA probate and estate administration is equally complex in many cases, and carries its own unique rules.  In addition to the risk of failing to meet the wishes of the deceased, the executor or administrator may risk personal liability if their legal responsibilities and fiduciary duties are not performed properly. An experienced probate attorney will greatly reduce the burden of the administration and will insure that all of the legal duties of the executor or administrator are met.

For more information about probate and administration in New Jersey, please see our New Jersey Probate and Administration Introduction.

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